14 January 2019

Photoplay 1978 "Devil Movies" special issue

This Photoplay magazine from 1978 is a “Devil Movies” special, trading on the back of the Exorcist II hype. It’s great to see how these movies were written about in the time of their release, how The Exorcist was thought of just 5 years after its debut. See clippings and access the full magazine after the jump…

4 december 2018

Audience study published on A Serbian Film

My article drawn from previous audience research based on the 2010 torture-porn shocker, A Serbian Film, has just gone live in Participations: Journal of Audience and Reception Studies. The journal is open access, so it isn’t tucked behind one of those paywalls that most academic journals love so much. The work on this project directly builds on this work on arguably the most controversial film in recent history…

8 october 2018

The Exorcist in the North East at Halloween

It’s nearly Halloween, which means the annual roll-out of The Exorcist! The film is playing in two super cool locations in Newcastle and is also coming to the lovely city of Durham…

28 june 2018

The Church of England Responds

In 1974, the Board of Social Responsibility at the Church of England was granted a special preview of The Exorcist so that they might prepare a report for the then Archbishop of Canterbury, Dr Michael Ramsey. The Archbishop was receiving a great many complaints about the film and, presumably, they felt a party line was needed. The Church of England’s Board of Social Responsibility took a look at the film at a special preview. Here is their report… 

27 june 2018

The Exorcist and the British critics

‘Make no mistake, this is rubbish and its popularity makes me fear for the entire future of the cinema’ – Ian Christie, Daily Express (14 March, 1974).

The Exorcist was released in the UK (specifically, London) on March 14th, 1974, three and a half months after its Boxing Day debut in the USA. The film would remain in British cinemas until at least November of the same year as it trickled down from its London opening to smaller cities and eventually into rural areas. The response from Britain’s film critics took me almost completely by surprise with its hostility…

26 June 2018

A Timeline of The Exorcist in the UK

I’ve constructed a timeline of the film’s life in the UK. The Exorcist is one of those films with a hundred-thousand very overly-dramatic retrospective articles, but there’s not much in the way of actual facts. I just wanted to post this up to get more of the basic facts of the film’s release out into the wild. This is all taken from first-hand sources…

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